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The homelessness on the Venice Beach Boardwalk is a spotlight on a larger issue that must be addressed through Public and Private partnerships throughout California…

Los Angeles, CA July 22, 2021 – The Homeless in Los Angeles are “everywhere”! Now that the #1 Tourist attraction in Southern California the Venice Beach Boardwalk has become home to hundreds of Homeless, the city Officials are moving expeditiously to address the issue.  In many of the Venice residents’ opinions, the issue is long overdue to be addressed.  According to Bryan Franklin, Founder of, “There are two major issues, CASH-FLOW & MENTAL HEALTH that has caused hundreds to set up a tent on the famed Venice Beach Boardwalk.”

Bryan Franklin launched in 2002 and that site has morphed into and finally all with a desire to make a difference using E-COMMERCE revenue like AmazonSmile to give back way before AmazonSmile was launched in 2013! Franklin and his Team have set out to make as many of the Homeless people ENTREPRENEURS using the internet to address CASH-FLOW like Uber, Door Dash and other Gig Economy solutions however, no transportation or experience is needed! BAM is also New Contributor / Justice Involved aka Ex-Offender friendly.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was quoted in 1968 for saying as poverty relates to people of African Descent, “We are dealing with issues that cannot be solved without the nation spending billions of dollars and undergoing a radical redistribution of economic power.”  When Billionaires like Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos can be philanthropic by donating to both Van Jones and chef Jose Andres $100 Million each, Franklin says, “surely people can visit and collaborate for FREE or a FEE to put the power in the peoples hands to help with BAM’s private solution with full transparency and to redistribute some of this economic power.”

We know that being homeless for many of those that have been hit hard for a plethora of reasons including COVID is something that is tough and with this knowledge, BAM has made the process for the Homeless very simple starting with helping them get a mobile phone so they can actually do business with BAM with a FREE PHONE & SERVICE from TRUconnect.

For more information visit and text BAM to (323) 451-5050


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