In our opinion, we were sent the following Cease & Desist from COVENANT HOUSE with no interest in collaborating with our model to ERADICATE Youth Homelessness…


Greetings John A. Ducoff, Esq.  Chief Legal Officer – Covenant House International

Thanks for your email Sent: 5 April, 2022 6:00 AM our reply Sent: 5 April, 2022 7:28 AM

  1. I’m a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Technologist and Author. We trust you have read my bio at
  2. Being a Technologist I have surrounded myself with some of the brightest Technology minds in the world.
  3. As per number 2 WE move fast: a) and .com forward to your main site and we will give both domains it to the Foundation. b) There is no longer any reference to Covenant on
  4. We have copied our Legal whom we created a model to eradicate Skid Row in Los Angeles in 2012 called  I was threatened and chose not to possibly die for that movement.
  5. We were involved in the eradication of the Homeless camp on Venice Beach as per
  6. We’d love to have a conversation via with the Tech lead for Covenant House so we can continue to do what we love and get the domains transferred…
  7. Your thoughts?


Text/Mobile (323) 816-5100

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